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Wild Women on Top - Di Westaway

tn_Di handstand.JPGNever, never, never give in” - Winston Churchill

Do you like staying fit and healthy, but don’t like going to the gym? Do you like spending time in amazing locations, pushing yourself to new limits and pursuing adventures with like-minded companions? If so, you’ve got something in common with many other Australian women and Wild Women on Top may be the company for you.

Wild Women on Top specialises in Adventure Fitness for women. They run 10 week programs in Trek Training which are specifically designed to prepare women for adventure challenges and endurance treks. The goal is to empower ordinary women to achieve extraordinary things - participants are encouraged to dream big and choose an adventure, and are then supported along the way as they train, prepare and ultimately attempt to achieve their goal. Di Westaway.JPG

Wild Women on Top was established in 2004 by Di Westaway. Di worked in and out of fitness for many years and has competed nationally in three sports. She discovered outdoor education as an outlet for fitness, socialisation and happiness after having her third child. She was invited to climb Mt Aconcagua in 2000, her first experience on an expedition, and loved it. She decided on the mountain that she wanted to establish an outdoor adventure fitness network for women. Eight years later, with a team of Wild Women on Top, she finally succeeded in summiting the mountain.

Di describes her business as the result of a hobby outgrowing itself, and she says it works because she has discovered a niche market of women who want to get fit in the great outdoors and achieve amazing goals along the way. She says that her best tn_Di climbing.JPGaccomplishments are coaching fifteen Aussie mums to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro in a blizzard, and assisting the Seven Summits team to climb four of the Seven Summits (the highest mountains of each continent). She is also proud that on any night or day of the week there are women out in the bush getting fit together and working toward amazing adventure goals.

Wild Women on Top’s Trek Training programs are designed specifically for women to increase strength, endurance and safety through correct training techniques, gear selection and appropriate skill progression. As well as establishing good expedition fitness, the programs involve learning about the bush, walking, camping, navigation, endurance trekking, pack carrying and more. With Wild Women on Top, you also get scenario training - for example, if your goal is to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, you’ll take part in a midnight endurance walk to prepare for the night time summit. This means that participants approach summit day with confidence and improves the chance of success.

Most of the clients involved in Wild Women on Top are working mothers, aged over 35, and career women withWWoT group.JPG big goals. Most members are also interested in supporting charities - the Seven Summits team has raised over $150,000 for The Fred Hollows Foundation and the Trailwalker teams have raised over $60,000 for Oxfam. There is also a mother/teen climbing program that provides an opportunity for mums and teens to share an adventure goal and raise money for charity. The main attributes that Wild Women on Top clients share are a desire to get fit, have a chat and enjoy amazing locations. They also often have a skill for multi-tasking because of their busy lives away from their adventure goals.

Di says that women like to operate in teams and look after each other, and part of the success of Wild Women on Top is that it provides a non-competitive, caring environment for women to grow and succeed in their chosen challenge. Di has found that women are mentally tough and can endure great discomfort when required, useful mountaineering and endurance trekking skills! Di has found that in the wilderness each individual’s skills are incorporated to create a team with fabulous energy that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Di was working as a radio producer for John Laws when he said “If you find something you love, you’ll never have to work another day in your WWoT scenery.JPGlife”. With these words he lost an employee because Di resigned that day and devoted herself full time to Wild Women on Top! Di’s advice to others in outdoor activities - follow your passion and you will have an amazing lifestyle full of meaning and fulfilment. She says to upskill, continue to educate yourself, help others achieve their goals and write down your own goals so that you have a focus and then you will achieve them. She says you can get a long way with a positive attitude and a “never, never, never give in” attitude.

Wild Women on Top offer a complimentary Trek Training session for women interested in trying out the programs, and you can also subscribe to their newsletter, Wild Women Weekly. For more information on training programs, upcoming adventures and the company, visit the website here.

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