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Gear Resources
Gear manufacturers have realised that lots of women like the outdoors and they're different shapes from men. Here's what's out there, and where you can buy it.

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Travel Resources
A selection of travel resources especially for women who love to travel. Includes a list of online communities if you do it yourself, or companies if you need a little help.

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Surfing Resources
Listed here are some links to resources from all over the world that cater to women who love surfing.

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Hiking Resources
Extended walks are great for the mind and spirit and lots of women love to take part in them. Check out these resources and get inspired to go on a walking adventure.

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Snow Sports

Snow Sports Resources
Skiing, snowboarding, backcountry, polar expeditions - all done in the snow and all done by lots of amazing women.  Check out these resources to find out more...

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Kayaking Resources
White water, surfing, sea kayaking, sprint racing, marathon racing, multisport, fishing...is there anything you can't do from a kayak? Explore these resources!

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Cycling Resources
A list of resources for all sorts of cycling - mountain biking, road biking, touring, racing, recreation and commuting - all specific to women.

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Climbing Resources
Women can (and have) achieved incredible things in climbing. Listed in this section are a collection of climbing and moutaineering resources that are useful and inspiring for all climbers.

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A list of organisations that cater exclusively to women, or run trips exclusively for women. A great way to find a women-specific adventure in your area.

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Outdoor Industry

Outdoor Industry Resources
Looking for resources to help you plan programs, companies and organisations that cater for women or organisations you can join? Look no further...

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Welcome to GO! Girls Outdoors, a website for anyone (including men) interested in the issues facing women in outdoor education and recreation. 

Here you will find a discussion forum, information, profiles of people, organisations and events, stories, interviews and trip reports and links to help you find further information.

I hope you enjoy your surfing!

Marjorie Morgan

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Latest Blog entries

Slim Jim Goes Racing

Slim Jim goes racingRecently Slim Jim the surfski and I went in our first kayaking race, which required overcoming some intense intimidation and an attack of bicepophobia (fear of enormous men with bulging biceps and super fast kayaks). Despite all this, I actually ended up doing quite well. Here's the story...

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Slim Jim the Surfski

Slim Jim 1I recently bought myself a surf ski and have been out paddling at every opportunity, suffering from new toy lust which recently developed into new toy love and will hopefully soon grow into a lasting and fulfilling relationship. I acknowledge that naming possessions and talking about them like people is lame and take full responsibility for any lame-ness displayed in this article.

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Blog Carnival - December 11 2009

Blog Carnival 11th DecThis is the December edition of the Women and Outdoor Adventure Blog Carnival. Enjoy reading about skiing, snowshoeing, staying safe in the sun and mosquitoes! Be sure to submit your article to next month's carnival, the 15th of January 2010.

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RogainingAnother month, another new sport! This time it's Rogaining - running about the bush (or in this case, paddocks) looking for orange and white flags for 24 hours.

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Tasmanian Forest Photos

Weld TasmaniaThese photographs have been provided by Emma Capp of the organisation Still Wild Still Threatened. They feature Tasmania's old growth forests, which Emma and her companions are attempting to protect from unsustainable logging practices.

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Latest Profiles

Misadventures and Fishing Tales

Misadventures and Fishing Tales Misadventures and Fishing Tales is a small book of short stories all about that most unfeminine of activities - fishing! Kelly Bruning is a keen 'fisherlady' who lives in Michigan and shows, just like so many of the other amazing women on GO! Girls Outdoors, that it's possible to excel in a non-traditional sport. Read on for the review of the book...

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This is The Sea IV

This is the Sea 4.jpgThis Is The Sea IV is a sea kayaking DVD with a difference. Be warned if you have other plans for the week, because after you watch it you will be Googling away at work and dusting off your old kayaks to head for the water. Justine Curgenven has travelled the world looking for the most interesting, passionate kayakers to film and the result is this DVD, the fourth in the series. Click on to read the review...

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Kelly O'Hagan - Kayaking

Kelly O'HaganKelly is a kayaking enthusiast from Queensland, Australia who, after a late start on her paddling life, has embraced the sport with a passion and now instructs kayaking for a living. She works for an organisation called Kanu Kapers Australia and this is her story.

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Pura Vida Adventures

Pura Vida AdventuresWhat better way to rest and rejuvenate than yoga, surfing, good food and great company on the beautiful Costa Rican coast? If this sounds like your cup of tea, check out these amazing looking trips with Tierza Davis and her team at Pura Vida Adventures. Costa Rica is calling!

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Jill Ellis - Adanac Paddles

Jill Ellis Adanac PaddlesJill Ellis, owner and operator of Adanac Paddles, is a self declared "Jill of all trades". Jill has been a welder in the Military, a professional woodcarver, a champion black powder shooter and a web designer, but now she is a teacher and creator of beautiful, hand carved Greenland kayak paddles. Don't miss this profile! Jill has an amazing story!

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