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Gear manufacturers have realised that lots of women like the outdoors and they're different shapes from men. Here's what's out there, and where you can buy it.

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A list of organisations that cater exclusively to women, or run trips exclusively for women. A great way to find a women-specific adventure in your area.

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Looking for resources to help you plan programs, companies and organisations that cater for women or organisations you can join? Look no further...

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Snowshoeing for Vegemite

Snowshoeing for VegemiteWhile we were in Sioux Lookout, Dave and I weren’t satisfied with just skiing and making pasta and doing yoga and experimenting with raw vegan food for lunch (read this blog entry for details).  No - we are seasoned outdoor adventurers, and not just because we haven’t had a shower for a while and would probably be a tasty, salty snack for the bears.  We have passion for what we do and a strong belief in going where no other person, male or female, has gone before.  We like to aim for the stars, we’re strong in mind and body, we’re not afraid of hardship and we’re not put off by the naysayers and doubters in this world.  We weren’t satisfied with just travelling to Sioux Lookout (which was an adventure in itself) - we needed to accomplish something amazing while we were there.  Two days after we arrived, the opportunity arose…


There is something special and extremely rewarding about doing something that no one has ever done before.  Spurred on by the fast approaching Annual Sioux Lookout Multicultural Feast, and wondering what on earth we could make that didn’t involve smearing chocolate sauce all over the kitchen rather than all over stale sponge cake, I came up with the idea of making my special Vegemite Pinwheels.  This idea was met with some degree of doubt by other members of the Morgan family (and Dave for that matter), and my suggestion was answered by comments such as “Mim, that sounds disgusting”, and “I’ve never even heard of a Vegemite Pinwheel”, and “I can’t believe you guys even eat that revolting stuff”.  However, buoyed by my success with Vegemite Pinwheels in Canada many years ago, and also because we couldn’t think of anything else except Anzac Biscuits, Dave agreed to my plan and we started trying to figure out how to source some Vegemite.

And with such inauspicious beginnings do such expeditions arise!   It was decided - David Loveridge and I (Marjorie Morgan) would make up the first expedition of its kind, ever, probably in the entire world - to snowshoe for Vegemite.  We would snowshoe across the lake to the grocery store and hunt that incredibly rare creature (some say more rare than Bigfoot in these parts) - the jar of Vegemite.  We would capture the jar of Vegemite, then snowshoe back to the house and make the Vegemite Pinwheels , then attend and celebrate our success at the Annual Sioux Lookout Multicultural Feast.  At the feast we would be available to autograph copies of the recipe and pose for photographs with the tray of Pinwheels.   Then we would embark on our speaking tour of Canada where we would inspire a new generation of adventurers.  Not bad for a day’s work.

Where to now for Vegemite?A big part of the expedition would be the snowshoe journey across the lake from my Uncle Jon’s place to the town of Sioux Lookout.  Between us, Dave and I have extensive experience in snowshoeing.  I used to snowshoe in Canada when I lived here, and Dave’s snowshoeing experience had matured and developed over the 24 hours or so he had been involved in the sport before starting out on the expedition.  We were a hardy team, and we had a worthy and admirable goal.  We would be exposing the people of Sioux Lookout to something they have probably never experienced before in their lives.  We would be inspiring a new generation of young children and giving new meaning to the lives of the older generations.  What a noble undertaking, and how brave we were, to spend 2 days in a new town before devising and planning this incredible adventure.  Behold the mighty Vegemite Pinwheel!

 Directions to Vegemite

Although the elusive jar of Vegemite is rare and hard to find in this country, I did locate the fantastical beast when I lived in Canada many years before.   Although it was a long shot to find it in Sioux Lookout, it wasn’t impossible.  Canadian jars of Vegemite are sneaky, well camouflaged and complex creatures - they are small, very hard to find and they have a bilingual label (English and French).  When I’d found them before, it was in such places as the canned soup aisle, in with the tins of chicken stock and OXO, and in the foreign food aisle nestled amongst pappadums and sachets of Pad Thai paste.  They were elusive, but not impossible to find - very much unlike the mysterious packet of Tim Tams or the rumoured and much talked about bag of Twisties (but that’s a story for another day). 

A journey fraught with perilWe started on a beautiful day but our minds were racing as we strapped on our snowshoes.  Could we make it across the lake?  Could we find the town of Sioux Lookout and Johnny’s, the grocery store?  Could we find the jar of Vegemite?  Would the hunt be fraught with danger and might we get attacked by a Grizzly Bear on the way?  Would anyone eat the Vegemite Pinwheels if we succeeded in sourcing the Vegemite and made them?  Would we advertise the fact that they were Vegemite, or only tell people after they polished them all off and were begging for the recipe?

The road to Johnny'sSo what happened?  Well, we made it across the lake.  We found Sioux Lookout.  We found a new pair of sunglasses for Dave.  We found Johnny’s.  We found the soup, the chicken stock, the OXO, the pappadums and the Pad Thai paste.  Yet after much hardship and with a great deal of heartache, we failed to find the Vegemite.   Apparently the stock ordering guy at Johnny’s had decided that Vegemite wouldn’t sell.  If only he’d had the recipe for Vegemite Pinwheels, he could have made his fortune.  If you’re reading this, stock ordering guy at Johnny’s, shame on you.  What a heartbreaking loss, not just for us but for the people of Sioux Lookout and the spirit of adventure itself.

Canadian LivingIt turns out that another brave adventurer will have to beat us in the race to complete the world’s very first Snowshoeing for Vegemite Expedition.  This time it wasn’t to be, the elusive jar of Vegemite hasn’t made it to the town of Sioux Lookout - or if it has, it was well camouflaged and too difficult for us to locate.   We had to make Anzac Biscuits and scones with jam and cream instead.  What a tragedy (although the Anzac Biscuits and scones were pretty good).  Woe betides the people of Sioux Lookout who didn’t get to experience the taste sensation that is Vegemite Pinwheels!  But to all those brave adventurers out there - there remains one great expedition that hasn’t been accomplished…Snowshoeing for Vegemite.

If you’d like the recipe for Vegemite Pinwheels, contact me and let me know.  If I get enough interest, I’ll think about posting it on the website!

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