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Gear Resources
Gear manufacturers have realised that lots of women like the outdoors and they're different shapes from men. Here's what's out there, and where you can buy it.

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Travel Resources
A selection of travel resources especially for women who love to travel. Includes a list of online communities if you do it yourself, or companies if you need a little help.

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Surfing Resources
Listed here are some links to resources from all over the world that cater to women who love surfing.

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Hiking Resources
Extended walks are great for the mind and spirit and lots of women love to take part in them. Check out these resources and get inspired to go on a walking adventure.

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Snow Sports

Snow Sports Resources
Skiing, snowboarding, backcountry, polar expeditions - all done in the snow and all done by lots of amazing women.  Check out these resources to find out more...

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Kayaking Resources
White water, surfing, sea kayaking, sprint racing, marathon racing, multisport, fishing...is there anything you can't do from a kayak? Explore these resources!

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A list of resources for all sorts of cycling - mountain biking, road biking, touring, racing, recreation and commuting - all specific to women.

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Climbing Resources
Women can (and have) achieved incredible things in climbing. Listed in this section are a collection of climbing and moutaineering resources that are useful and inspiring for all climbers.

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A list of organisations that cater exclusively to women, or run trips exclusively for women. A great way to find a women-specific adventure in your area.

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Outdoor Industry

Outdoor Industry Resources
Looking for resources to help you plan programs, companies and organisations that cater for women or organisations you can join? Look no further...

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Pura Vida Adventures

Pura Vida AdventuresAre you an adventure-seeking woman?  Do you like the sound of a yoga session overlooking the Pacific Ocean, followed by a surf session in that very same ocean?  Good food, good company and a beautiful location?  A week or so of pure living?  If so, you might like to investigate Pura Vida Adventures, a women’s surf and yoga retreat in Malpais, Costa Rica.

Tierza DavisPura Vida means “pure life” in Spanish, which is what Tierza Davis provides to the people who attend the surfing and yoga retreats in Costa Rica.  Pura Vida Adventures was started in 2003 by Tierza Davis, who realised while travelling in Costa Rica that she wanted to share the experience of surfing and travel with others.  She wanted to give surfers, particularly women, a positive experience by providing expert surf instruction in a non-competitive and supportive environment.  Tierza had been practicing yoga for fifteen years and realised it was the perfect complement to surfing, providing the flexibility, awareness and balance that is so important in the sport.

Pura Vida Adventures surf groupTierza didn’t start surfing until the age of thirty-two, but once she started she was hooked.  When she lost her job in internet advertising thanks to the dot.com era, Tierza went travelling - that is, until she reached Malpais in Costa Rica.  She says she was drawn to the area and the people, and remembers never being as happy as she was in Malpais.  She now shares the “pura vida” vibe and Costa Rican cultural experiences with others, and has never been happier herself!

Pura Vida Adventures yogaTierza’s clients range in age from their mid-20s to their 60s.  The retreat is seven days and six nights, and combines surfing, yoga and cultural experiences in a rainforest/beachfront setting.  Fresh fruit and local delicacies are served up during the day, to provide the energy for surfing and yoga, and to help with relaxation and rejuvenation.  If you’ve never been surfing then that’s ok - the instructor to student ratio is one to three or less, there are a range of classes for people of different experience levels and every guest is personally helped with their surfing skills.  What’s more, you get to surf several different breaks throughout the week!  

PVA Yoga signSounds pretty relaxing, right?  Tierza says that her job is incredibly inspiring, and that she has enjoyed building a community that inspires women to embrace the experience of surfing, face down whatever fears they have, and introducing them to the Costa Rican culture.  Tierza says that women leave Pura Vida Adventures feeling stronger, refreshed and confident, and that she enjoys reminding women that they have the courage and strength inside them to pursue their goals and live their best life, no matter what that is.

PVA surfing groupIf you’re after some relaxation, rejuvenation and a special cultural experience, consider Pura Vida Adventures.  For more information go to the Pura Vida Adventures website, call (415) 465-2162 or email info[at]puravidaadventures.com.

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