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Gear Resources
Gear manufacturers have realised that lots of women like the outdoors and they're different shapes from men. Here's what's out there, and where you can buy it.

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Travel Resources
A selection of travel resources especially for women who love to travel. Includes a list of online communities if you do it yourself, or companies if you need a little help.

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Surfing Resources
Listed here are some links to resources from all over the world that cater to women who love surfing.

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Hiking Resources
Extended walks are great for the mind and spirit and lots of women love to take part in them. Check out these resources and get inspired to go on a walking adventure.

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Snow Sports

Snow Sports Resources
Skiing, snowboarding, backcountry, polar expeditions - all done in the snow and all done by lots of amazing women.  Check out these resources to find out more...

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Kayaking Resources
White water, surfing, sea kayaking, sprint racing, marathon racing, multisport, fishing...is there anything you can't do from a kayak? Explore these resources!

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Cycling Resources
A list of resources for all sorts of cycling - mountain biking, road biking, touring, racing, recreation and commuting - all specific to women.

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Climbing Resources
Women can (and have) achieved incredible things in climbing. Listed in this section are a collection of climbing and moutaineering resources that are useful and inspiring for all climbers.

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A list of organisations that cater exclusively to women, or run trips exclusively for women. A great way to find a women-specific adventure in your area.

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Outdoor Industry

Outdoor Industry Resources
Looking for resources to help you plan programs, companies and organisations that cater for women or organisations you can join? Look no further...

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Mountain Hardware Hooded Nitrous Jacket

Hooded Nitrous JacketThis article comes from the lovely ladies at GearGals, who have kindly agreed to share this review of the Mountain Hardware Hooded Nitrous Jacket with GO! Girls Outdoors.

The author is one "GreyingGearGal" who introduced me to my current word of the week - "ort" - which is the word for the bits of food left over on a plate after a meal.  Thanks to GreyingGearGal my vocabulary is now one word richer, and I hope that all the mums out there will now be saying to their kids, "eat your orts or there'll be no dessert".

As for the jacket - you'll have to switch to the GearGals website for the full review by GreyingGearGal.  Have a read of the first few sentences and then click the article title below...

Our newest reviewer wants to be known as the “GrayingGeargal.” She wrote the following review for us to demonstrate to our readers that outdoor gear is not just for epic adventures; even urban adventurers need gear as well. It’s unlikely that GGG is going to climb any 8000 meter peaks (or, honestly, any 1000 meter peaks) but she does get outside when it’s fiercely cold, and, since she’s been wearing the same 25 year old jackets for a loooong time now, can really give some insight into the industry’s dramatic leaps in technology.

To read on click here: Mountain Hardware Hooded Nitrous Jacket

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